Because Love is not exclusive to young people.
It can’t be sum up to something that fresh Princesses and their not forever charming Princes believe in when they just got married… sadly watching the feeling fading with the years.

It got to be another way. Continuously Improving ourself, in a mutual share, and also in personal introspection.
It will be hard to handle but don’t worry. At some point, it’s like any challenge in life: it pays. Day after day.

Meet Mabelle and Joseph : 45 years of marriage. A huge fiesta with aaall the family. Believe me: it meant a A LOT of people. Each children, each children in law, each grand children… tiny wave leading all together this inspiring ocean of Love.

While i was filming Joseph getting ready, I asked him a few pieces of advice on how to handle a couple across the years . Here is what he said :

“I don’t have a few. I only have one. UNDERSTAND.”